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RSM 2000’s Text & Mobile Payment Services

RSM 2000’s powerful text payment and marketing system, Vir2®, not only delivers great value for money, but is simple to use. We provide a wide range of mobile marketing and text donation services including:

  • Broadcast SMS marketing
  • Text and call back services for business and charities
  • One-off and regular text donation for charities
  • Society lottery ticket purchases

Text Donation & Regular Text Giving

Fundraisers have been using the Vir2 ® Text Donation system since 2005 because we pay 100% of the text donations raised without any percentage deduction. The service can cost as little as £10+VAT a month.

The advantages of using Vir2® include:

  • Our charity clients’ don’t have to pay a percentage of the donation
  • We charge a low monthly charge per keyword
  • Your charity owns all the donor data; we’ll never sell it or use it for our own purposes
  • We capture Gift Aid on branded microsites
  • Our staff helped write the rules for text donation and bring 15 years’ experience to the service


To try out a free demonstration of our text donation service, text DEMO A to 70500.

Text & Call Back

Many charity and commercial marketing campaigns use text and call back.

Text and Call Back services are usually used with Direct Response TV campaigns and sometimes radio ones. Audiences are asked to text a short-code to be called back to make a donation or buy a service.

Some charities also incorporate text donations into the call back service so that the initial text message takes a donation.

We work with the call centres or fulfilment houses chosen by our clients, but the current ones are listed under partners.

To try out a free demonstration of our text & call back service, text DEMO B to 70500

Broadcast text marketing

We enable marketing and fundraising clients to send text messages to their opted-in lists of subscribers. Through the Vir2 ® secure online portal, clients can upload, download and manage their opt-in lists.

Suppression lists can be uploaded, downloaded and maintained automatically by the system to prevent accidentally sending messages to an opted out group.

15 years of experience means we can offer advice on how clients can approach obtaining permissions face to face, from text and online.

Society Lottery Text Payments

We can provide society lottery short-codes for the purchase of tickets in regulated society lotteries with a remote license. Society Lottery keywords work in a similar way to text donations and can benefit from special rates. 

At RSM 2000, we can work with both charities and External Lottery Managers. Please note that Society Lottery Short-codes are a payment method, we do not supply gambling software or services.
We also provide text payments for free to enter prize draws for charities and their corporate fundraising partners.

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Donor care

If you are a member of the public who has made a text donation and wishes to make an enquiry then please call 03306600425 or email

We never use or sell the mobile phone numbers of people who text our clients’ services, but our clients may send you text messages.

If you wish to stop a regular donation then reply STOP to any of our messages, or SKIP to miss your next payment.

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