Card terminals for events

EventPay™, the simple way to take payments at events

RSM 2000’s EventPay™, is a cost-effective and reliable way to accept card payments on a short-term basis for indoor and outdoor events.

Whether you are a business or a charity, we can provide a card processing Merchant Account pre-configured on a supplied terminal for use at your events. All the terminals we supply take Chip & PIN and contactless transactions.

We also supply all the communications equipment the terminals should need to connect to our system and transact. If necessary, this includes mobile phones.

Who can benefit from EventPay™?

EventPay™ is designed to work with any commercial or charity that needs to take payments for events.

We’ll supply the Merchant Account and payment terminals and liaise with your communications provider to make the terminals work.

We supply a variety of terminals and, if your chosen payment terminal needs a mobile phone to process payments, then for data security and GDPR reasons, we supply the phone too. Where necessary, we also supply any hotspots and WiFi routers required to process payments.

EventPay™ can be used by: 

  • Shows & festivals
  • Charity fundraising events (raffles, gala dinners, street collections)
  • Festivals (tickets on gates, parking, food & drink, merchandise sales)
  • Pop-up shops, bars and restaurants

Why use EventPay™?

EventPay means less hassle:

  • Fewer people carry cash
  • People pay more at an event when cards are accepted because they don’t ‘run out of cash’
  • Less risk of theft & fraud
  • The cost of insurance may be lower if cash is not taken
  • No need to get your own merchant account for the event
  • Pre-configured terminals - we provide mobile hotspots or liaise with the venue or your chosen communications provider to ensure the terminals use the best signal type and can connect on the day
  • Easy to use staff training materials and user guides
  • When using terminals that require a mobile phone app to work, we deal with the data security issues by supplying a mobile phone pre-linked to the terminal, meaning your staff don’t have transaction histories on their phones
  • With our pre-configured terminals and outdoor event partners, you can benefit from state-of-the-art wifi services, including satellite service plus staff for your bigger outdoor events, where connectivity might be an issue
  • We are registered as an Authorised Payments Institution by the FCA and all client funds are safeguarded in a Client Trust account

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