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Direct Debit Payment Solutions

RSM 2000 can help businesses and charities to enjoy the benefits of Direct Debit with:

  • Predictable regular income
  • Greater control of your cash flow
  • Reduced time spent reconciling and chasing payments
  • The ability to detect bad debt earlier
  • Greater control of price changes

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Facilities Managed Direct Debit

Many small businesses, start-ups and charities can be refused Direct Debit status by their banks. Our Bacs accredited Facilities Managed Direct Debit service can be the perfect solution for these organisations.

Our 20 years of experience with charities means we also have specific agreements designed solely for charities and are able to offer Direct Debit services for society lottery.


Clients of RSM 2000’s Facilities Managed Direct Debit service benefit from:

  • Having their business or trading name appearing on their customers’ bank statements; reducing customer cancelations and queries
  • Paper or paperless Direct Debit customer sign-ups supported by RSM 2000
  • A password protected user portal for secure file upload and download
  • Unlimited free reports tailored to your business requirements with ample data for management information and analysis


RSM 2000 also supports Bulk Change transfers to and from other Facilities Managed Direct Debit providers

Taking Direct Debit Instructions online with RSM 2000’s PDD system

RSM 2000’s PDD system is designed to meet the needs of organisations that need to accept Direct Debit Instructions* online or on a telephone call.

RSM 2000’s PDD service is available with or without our full Direct Debit service and can be seamlessly linked to your website using either:

  • A secure web page hosted by RSM 2000, customised to reflect your website’s look and feel, (can be used by Call Centres too)
  • Capturing the DDI entirely on your website and using our PDD Direct service to validate the DDI and collate the DDI information.
    *Direct Debit Instructions (“DDI”) are also known as DD Mandates

Some of the advantages of the RSM 2000 PDD service are:

  • Data captured can be automatically uploaded to our Direct Debit Collection Management service or made available as CSV download for use with other systems
  • Mandates captured for different purposes, can be assigned to different campaigns and reported accordingly
  • System can calculate available collection dates taking into account your processing dates, advance notice period, bank holidays etc.

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