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Contactless Payments

EventPay Lite is a service from RSM 2000 that offers terminals that are optimised for contactless payments, but it will also provide your organisation with all you need to collect Chip & PIN payments at events so you won’t miss out on payments above £30.  

Terminals can be rented by the day, or longer, and there are also purchase options available. Organisations do not need to be already able to accept card payments to use this system, so it is ideal even for small charities.

All of RSM’s Chip and PIN devices support contactless payments, but many clients find that the fact EventPay Lite terminals can be set up to take continuous repeat contactless payments of a fixed amount  is ideal for busy high footfall locations and (in some circumstances) unstaffed locations.

We provide everything you need in a way that is designed to work ‘out of the box’.

Our terminals come with a paired smart mobile phone to control them, so you don’t have the fuss of setting them up. Nor do you have the extra cost of a mobile handset and no one needs to bring their personal or work phone to every event. Transactions won’t be interrupted by personal calls or texts and you won’t have a member of staff with your event’s transaction history on their mobile phone with all the incumbent data security issues that may entail.

Our terminals are Barclaycard branded and if you are taking a Chip & PIN transaction they have a secure PIN pad, so that you don’t require PINs to be entered via a smart phone screen – so EventPay Lite provides extra security & reassurance to cardholders.

How do Contactless Payments Work?

The card terminal connects to the smart phone we supply using Bluetooth™ The smart phone comes preloaded with an app that links to the card terminal to manage the payment amount.

The smart phone we supply will usually use WiFi to communicate with our payment systems, but we can also supply WiFi hotspots or, for an additional fee, we can rent out roaming mobile network data SIMs that will find the strongest available network signal (they are not tied to any one UK network). We can even contact your event’s venue for you to check the best solution to ensure a reliable service.

Please note that all contactless payments (except charitable donations) must be authorised online. Chip & PIN transactions and contactless charity donations can default to offline if no network is available.

You can decide the amount you want to charge via the Smartphone App and the cardholder can either tap their card on the device to make a contactless payment or insert their card into the slot in the bottom of the device and type their PIN on the secure terminal PIN pad.

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