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Card Payment Services

Although the internet, interactive television, telephone, and mail order are all now playing an increasing role, face-to-face transactions continue to be the most common way for consumers to buy goods and services.

Wherever your business operates it is vital that you have secure, fast and reliable payment systems in place to enable you to accept card payments in a cost-effective way that works for your business.

With over fifteen years experience of providing card payment solutions to a wide variety of organisations, from FTSE100 companies to small start-up businesses as well as charities large and small, we understand the diverse needs of our customers.

RSM 2000 Ltd. can provide you with a Chip and PIN solution to meet your specific needs, be it a permanent solution in your retail outlet or business premises, a mobile terminal for businesses on the move or for use at events and exhibitions, or a simple card processing package using your own equipment.

RSM aggregates, or ‘pools’ their clients’ card business in order to negotiate the most competitive rates for card acceptance, terminal provision, and associated services.

We deal directly with the Card Acquirers’ National Accounts teams who specialise in large group contracts, have experience with a wide portfolio of different businesses and who can usually offer better rates.

RSM has specific packages for Forecourts and Workshops, as well as general Retail. If you can send us copies your last few invoices for card services, we’d be happy to see whether we could save you money.

Also, see our specific solutions for Events, and we also have services for Mail Order/Telephone Order and E-Commerce.

In addition, if you operate a Franchise, Trade Association, or similar business model, RSM can provide ‘white-labelled’ Card Acceptance Services under your own brand, providing you with a consistent, secure solution for your franchisees or members at better rates that they could get individually. RSM can manage the entire process, from acquiring tenders, application management, billing and reconciliation, and terminal provision, allowing you to offer a brand benefit without the hassle!

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    Regular Payments

    Card Payments are ideal for adhoc and one-off payments, but RSM 2000’s Direct Debit services allow you to take control of regular payments and receive your money quickly and efficiently; improving cash flow and helping your business grow.

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    Event Payments

    As well as Chip & PIN solutions for normal retail, see our Event Payments section for short-term wifi terminal provision to take card payments even in the most remote locations.

Tailored Business Solutions

RSM 2000 Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (register reference 729928) for the provision of payment services.

RSM 2000 Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for Consumer Credit Activity (register reference 715057).