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Bacs Bureau

RSM 2000 Ltd has been a fully approved Bacs Bureau since 2004, inspected every three years by Bacs to ensure we meet its stringent requirements in five separate areas. We have consistently performed well, and at our last inspection in May 2018 we were awarded the following ratings:

  • Bureau Organisation and Financial Information         Excellent
  • Physical Security                                                           Excellent
  • Computer Operations                                                   Excellent
  • Applications and Systems Support                              Excellent
  • Bacs Processing and Operations                                 Excellent


As a Bacs Approved Bureau we can process Direct Debit payment collections on your behalf as an Indirect Direct Debit Submitter, using your own Service User Number.

Historically submitters would send paper mandates to the individual banks by post, but there is now a way to send mandates electronically, meaning a quicker and more efficient set-up. This system is known as AUDDIS. We are happy to assist paper-based clients with their AUDDIS migration so they can enjoy the advantages that AUDDIS processing brings to their payment process.

Once AUDDIS registered, you can also request Paperless status so you can capture Direct Debit instructions on-line or over the telephone, and we can also assist with this.

As a bureau, we offer two standard services. Our Basic service is where, on your instruction, we transmit all your Bacs items and, if you wish, collect your Bacs reports. With our Premier service we also use our web-based Collection Management system to maintain a database of Direct Debit Instructions on your behalf, ensuring updates from Bacs are applied in good time. We can also manage your regular repeating collections if applicable.

As a Bacs Bureau, RSM can also, on your instruction, simply and economically, using your own Direct Credit Service User Number, make Direct Credit payments from your bank account in respect of supplier payments, employee payments, refunds etc.

If you have to make large numbers of payments and your bank's payment system is largely manual, or not very intuitive, Bacs submission through our on-line upload facility could greatly simplify the process.

RSM takes an innovative and flexible approach to assessing your requirements and can, if required, produce a tailored service that specifically meets your requirements. Contact us for further details.

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    Improved Cash Flow

    Direct Credit via Bacs puts you in control of your supplier payments. Why not use RSM 2000's Direct Debit service to take control of when you get paid?

Tailored Business Solutions

RSM 2000 Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (register reference 729928) for the provision of payment services.

RSM 2000 Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for Consumer Credit Activity (register reference 715057).