Should your business consider an online payment gateway?

Should your business consider an online payment gateway?

When consumers browse a retailer’s website, they want to be able to immediately make a purchase of their selected product or service.

And, with web-based purchases becoming the norm, these customers want their online payment process to be as fast and frictionless as possible. 

If you operate a commercial business with an online platform or are a charity accepting online donations, being able to process these online transactions in a secure manner has become essential. 

So, the short answer is yes. Your business or charity, if it sells goods or accepts donations via a website, should have online payment capabilities. 

But, what does that actually mean? And, how can you add these capabilities to your business’s website?

What is an online payment gateway?

An online payment gateway is a secure way for your customers to complete payments online. These services encrypt the customer’s data and communicate with the customer’s card issuer to determine if the account is legitimate.

If it is, then the money will be paid straight to your account. If it’s not, then the gateway rejects the payment, avoiding potentially hefty chargeback fees. 

An RSM 2000 online payment gateway secures your online payments with 3DSecure authentication; the industry-standard for customer payment authentication and the on-line equivalent to ‘Chip & PIN’. This works to provide both you and your customers with peace of mind when completing online payments.

However, the rules on customer authentication are changing, read here for our breakdown of the new Strong Customer Authentication guidelines. 

Providing a secure payment portal doesn’t just help to ensure your business doesn’t fall victim to fraud. Research has found that more than a third of customers have hesitated before purchasing online before due to security concerns. 

So, implementing a secure online payment gateway will help your business to reach these sceptical shoppers.

How can you implement an online payment gateway?

Our payment gateway is designed to be easy to integrate into your existing website, meaning there’s little work for you to do to be able to process online transactions. 

With an RSM 2000 gateway, you can integrate online payments securely to your e-commerce website with CPWeb form-based redirect, or I-frame CPWidget, using a simple https POST. 

If your business has its own PCI-DSS accreditation, then CPWeb-Direct can provide you with application programming interfaces (APIs) access as well as bulk file upload via RSM’s secure portal.

If that all sounds like gibberish to you, don’t worry; RSM 2000 provides a fully-functional demo system, integration guides and test pages. And, of course, we’re always more than happy to speak directly with your developers to help with any integration needs. 

Whether you’re a commercial business operating an online platform, or a charity looking to facilitate accepting donations online, you’ll benefit from an online payments gateway. 

Giving both you and your customers peace of mind when completing online transactions. 

Speak to us today about beginning your website’s online payment gateway integration. 

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