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Barclaycard Anywhere Merchant Terminal

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Barclaycard Anywhere Merchant Terminal

RSM 2000 have teamed up with Barclaycard to enable you to easily process payments face to face, by card – Chip & PIN or contactless.

You have payments to collect and life’s complicated enough without surprise costs.






Key features and benefits

•    Low upfront costs and no long-term contract – pay as you go

•    Connects your smartphone or tablet to the card machine using Bluetooth.
•    Take payments quickly with contactless
•    Built-in flexibility - allows you to easily process payments and refunds
•    Helps protect you against fraud with proactive security and advanced card verification services
•    App lets you track payments on the move and in real-time


Terminal purchase price (per terminal):    £29.00 +VAT
Transaction charges:
    Debit                           1.60%
    Credit                          1.60%
    Visa Business Debit    1.60%
    Commercial                1.60%
    Refunds                       £0.75

How it works
First download an app to your mobile phone. The card terminal connects to the app on your phone using Bluetooth™ The app links to the card terminal to manage the payment amount. The smart phone will usually use WiFi or a Mobile Signal to communicate with the payment systems.

You can decide the amount you want to charge via the Smartphone App and the cardholder can either tap their card on the device to make a contactless payment or insert their card into the slot in the bottom of the device and type their PIN on the secure terminal PIN pad. The terminals are Barclaycard branded to provide that extra reassurance to cardholders.

Cardholders can request a receipt which will be emailed to them if they enter their email address into the mobile phone app. The email address is not stored. There is no printed paper form of receipt so no till rolls to buy or run out.

Next Steps

Please contact or download the application form here.

RSM 2000 Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (register reference 729928) for the provision of payment services.

RSM 2000 Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for Consumer Credit Activity (register reference 715057).