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VIR2 Acquisition

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VIR2 Acquisition

RSM 2000 Acquires Text Donation Business from VIR2

RSM 2000 LTD has acquired the business activities, staff & brand of the UK charity text donation and marketing specialist, VIR2.

At a time when charities are worried about reputational risk from their suppliers, the purchase is the first time that a charity text donation provider has been bought by a fully regulated & compliant payment service provider.

RSM 2000 can now provide a full range of payment solutions including text donation to charities under one roof and tick all the boxes for compliance and expertise at the same time.

Vir2 have specialised in SMS services for charities since 2005 and pioneered the introduction of VAT free text donation. They offer text services to 100s of charities, both large and small and were behind such text donation campaigns as Stephen Sutton’s “#thumbsupforstephen” for Teenage Cancer Trust.

“Donors naturally expect charities to accept payments in whatever way is most convenient to the donor” said Nigel Walters, Managing Director of RSM 2000, “We want to simplify the lives of our fundraising clients. We can now offer every form of electronic payment a charity needs with one set of contacts to provide help and support.“

The purchase also reflects the increasing concerns about the risk of reputational damage to charities from supplier relationships. RSM 2000 are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority for Payment Services, and Consumer Credit activities, and are PCI Tier 1 compliant too.

“RSM 2000 are experts in providing secure payment systems” said Roger Craven, Founder of Vir2. “SMS suppliers don’t have to be registered as payment institutions or be PCI Tier 1 compliant, but RSM 2000’s accreditations represent the gold standard and anything less is rapidly becoming an untenable position for charities.”

RSM 2000 already have many charity clients for their payment services. The company is able to offer unique charity rates for card processing and provides special direct debit services designed around the needs of charities.

RSM 2000 also plan to market text services to businesses looking for an SMS supplier that they can trust to take data security seriously.

The purchase cements a 15-year friendship between Roger Craven who founded Vir2 and the Directors of RSM. Under Roger’s continued guidance they hope to grow the text business into new areas.


RSM 2000 Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 (register reference 729928) for the provision of payment services.

RSM 2000 Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for Consumer Credit Activity (register reference 715057).