Mobile payments service to streamline how UK charities collect donations

As charities around the world are feeling the unprecedented pressure caused by COVID-19, the UK charity sector is expected to lose over £4 billion in the upcoming weeks and months due to fundraising events being cancelled and places of worship closing their doors. In these uncertain times, mobile technology is enabling charities to collect donations remotely. A partnership between MobiCash, a mobile payments service, and RSM 2000 Ltd, a UK-based payment service provider for SMEs and the charity sector, is helping charities across the UK by leveraging market-leading payments technology to boost their donations to support their cause.

The MobiCash and RSM 2000 partnership provides the country’s charities with an easy-to-implement and user-friendly way for donors to support causes they care about – all conveniently and securely on their mobile devices. MobiCash also enables charities to collect Gift Aid with every contribution, which adds 25% to the overall donation value. The service eliminates the need for charities to handle cash and gives them more visibility around their donations, while giving donors a more convenient and safe way to contribute. Using mobile payments technology gives charities the means to continue to support those in need.

“We are seeing charities in the UK and beyond under a lot of pressure to continue their activity while struggling to support themselves financially. We are proud to be working together with RSM 2000 to equip them with a mobile payments service to help them continue their important work,” said Steven Marsland, Business Development Director, MobiCash at Compass Plus.

“These are difficult times for everyone, including charities and we at RSM 2000 want to help. MobiCash allows our charity clients to collect payments from supporters remotely in exciting and innovative ways. By combining it with our other payment services through our powerful reporting platform, it becomes an incredibly useful and flexible tool for our clients,” said Nigel Walters, Managing Director of RSM 2000.

About MobiCash:
MobiCash is a mobile payments service designed to make payments easy without compromising security. It is simple to use and offers businesses a cheaper and more inclusive way of accepting payments, as the service is not tied to any device, operating system, card or payment network. The service has been developed by Compass Plus – an international provider of payments technology with over 30 years of experience in the payments industry.

About RSM 2000:
RSM 2000 Ltd is a market leader in providing UK businesses and charities with electronic payment solutions for card payments, mobile payments and direct debit services. Whatever the payment environment or the sector, RSM 2000 can help our clients to start taking payments and direct debits, improve their cash flow, capture customer information and get paid faster. RSM 2000 offers a unique range of payment solutions, including Direct Debit, card payments in offline and online environments, short and long term terminal rentals for events, text marketing and text donation.

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