MobiCash QR codes for Email links for invoices and donations

Churches and charities are feeling the loss of footfall

As gatherings of two or more people are currently restricted throughout the UK, this loss of customer and donor footfall has, for many churches and charities, led to a drop in the amount of money they are receiving in the form of donations and collections compared to their usual levels outside of the lockdown.

It’s reported that charities across the country are likely to lose over £4 billion of their income in the next financial quarter as the pandemic causes people to focus on their own finances and reduce their charitable giving.

However, just because people are unable to visit a church service to give money via a collection plate or donate to charity canvassers who may be sourcing donations from people in the streets, it doesn’t mean accepting donations is not possible during this time.

New technologies have made online and remote digital payments easier and more secure than ever before.

At RSM 2000, we’ve partnered with innovative universal digital payment service, MobiCash, to offer our customers QR code-based digital payment solutions.

What is MobiCash?

MobiCash is a universal, secure app-based payment solution which provides a simple method for accepting quick, convenient and safe digital payments.

For businesses and charities which are currently only able to accept payment via cash or cheques, MobiCash is a cheap and inclusive solution to allow the acceptance of digital payments and can open up a whole new revenue stream and unlock a wider customer base.

When you use MobiCash’s digital payment services, they will provide you with a static QR code that can be displayed on paper or electronic invoices and a range of promotional materials from leaflets to banners.

For charities and churches who are looking for alternative solutions to gathering donations during the current lockdown restrictions, MobiCash’s QR based payment system can provide a simple method for your congregation or regular donors to continue their usual giving via the digital platform.

Using the MobiCash platform, retailers and charities can create QR codes for invoices, or for fixed amounts for donations, which can then be embedded in emails and social media posts.

Attaching the QR code to your email newsletters or social media posts is a great way to get the message spread far and wide to your congregation or potential donors that your charity or church is still accepting donations and collections while we’re in lockdown.

Donation QR codes can also be displayed during digital broadcasts, such as virtual church services and live streams.

Who can use MobiCash?

Our partnership with MobiCash, who have designed this payment method which is entirely universal and inclusive, means that we can offer this simple payment solution to our clients and customers.

Any business or organisation which accepts cash or card payment methods can integrate MobiCash into their payment methods via the simple to use mobile phone app which can be linked to a credit or debit card.

For charities and churches, MobiCash can provide an ideal solution to the issue that a loss of footfall to high street stores, pop-up events and physical church services poses to your donation collections.

Setting up a simple to use MobiCash payment system for collecting donations can help your charity or church to stay afloat during the challenges of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Speak to a member of the RSM 2000 team today to see how we can help you to begin utilising QR codes for donations and collections with our partner organisation, MobiCash.

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