Direct Debit Payment Holidays

Ability to offer a ‘Payment Holiday’ for regular Direct Debit donations for Charities

We appreciate the pressures our charity clients are currently under due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 and wanted to alert those of you that use our Direct Debit services that it is possible to offer a supporter a ‘payment holiday’ from regular donations whilst they struggle with their own budgets.

The ability to pause their payments may help persuade them not to cancel their Direct Debit Instruction, all of which have been hard won by you all.

Payments can be paused by changing the Start date to the new date payments should resume. This can be done either manually or by uploading an ‘Amend’ file.

To manually amend the start date, go into ‘mandates’ and search for the one you wish to temporarily suspend, click view, then click edit. In this screen, you will be able to amend the start date to the date that you would like collections to start again, then click submit at the bottom of the screen.

If it is easier to upload a file of mandates to be amended, this can be done by uploading a file with all the current details of the mandates in question (you can download a current report from ‘mandates’ to help you with this) and then change the Record Type to ‘A’ and the Start Date to the new date required. This can then be uploaded to DDCM as normal.

Both methods will pause the collections for the required time, and there will be no charge for these amendments.

If you want any further assistance then do please Contact Us and we will be happy to help you.

We all hope this will assist you maintain your donor base.

Keep well.

The Team at RSM 2000 Limited

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