Debit Cards only for lotteries and raffles from April 2020

Debit Cards only for lotteries and raffles from April 2020

The Gambling Commission has announced a ban on the use of credit cards for gambling.

Effective from 14th April 2020, it will no longer be permitted to pay for on-line gambling products, including lotteries and raffles, using a credit card. Using a Debit Card continues to be allowed.

RSM 2000 have a range of options available to stop the use of a credit cards for those of you who currently process raffle and lottery payments either via an External Lottery Management Company or in – house yourselves.

If you use our card payment platform to support any of these services, some changes to your current set-up are likely to be needed.

Our system can already be configured to accept Debit cards only, but exactly how this is done will depend on which services you use, and whether you also accept payment for non-gambling services, such as donations, for which credit cards are still permitted.

Options available:

Mail or Telephone Order (MOTO) or Offline payment processing:

You are using our CPTerminal product for this type of transaction. CP Terminal has two ways of processing transaction; the Single Payment Screen or a CP MOTO campaign screen. The Single Payment screen currently accepts all card types and cannot differentiate credit from debit cards. The CP MOTO screens can differentiate credit from debit cards, so you will need to move to our CP MOTO service. There is no additional cost for this service.

CP MOTO is a function of the system where you can create a specific campaign for your lottery / raffle payments which can be configured for Debit card only.
If you also need to process non-gambling payments (such as donations) as well, then CPMOTO can provide the option for the operator to select different campaigns, each of which can be set-up for either All Cards or Debit Card Only.
RSM are very happy to help you create the campaigns you need and to run through how it differs from our normal Single Payments screen.

Ecommerce or online Payment Processing:

CPWeb form re-direct: CP Web pages are hosted by RSM and called up from your website which may pass other parameters to us in the background. Each campaign can be individually configured for either All Cards or Debit Card Only. We can help you with these changes, but you will need to make sure your website sends the user to the correct campaign depending on the purchase type. You will need to check that your website is calling the right campaign for both your lottery pages and that your other pages (e.g. donations or online shop payments) are calling a different campaign which is set up to accept all payments.

CPWidget (I-Frame) or CPWeb-Direct (API): This can be configured for either All Cards or Debit Card Only, which you can do yourself or we can help you.
If you need to take payments for both lottery and other types of payment (e.g. donations or purchases for tickets or goods) , then we’ll need to provide you with an additional vendor (account) to do this. There is no additional cost for this if they use the same bank account, and, if required, we can offer consolidated reporting through our Supervendor feature.

Recurring payments: If you process a recurring credit card payment for your raffle / lottery then you may need to contact credit card payers in order to ask them for an alternative debit card. The majority of recurring debit card payers can be identified via the standard reports using the Visa Delta and Visa Electron payment types. All other Visa card types can be assumed to be credit card. The reports do not currently differentiate Mastercard Debit transactions, but these are very few (the number of such cards in circulation is very small) and it is best to assume that Mastercard will be a credit card. If you need help with this, please let us know.

If you think this may affect you, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss the best option and any changes that might be required.

Please contact us for more help.

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