Boost your event’s success with the help of an EventPay terminal

Boost your event’s success with the help of an EventPay terminal

If you run a charity that attends events and receives donations or auction items or are a business and sell your products at events or festivals, you may have found yourself losing out on customers because you’ve lacked the ability to take card payments.

But, with the use of an EventPay terminal, you’ll never have to worry about losing out on card payments again.

What is an EventPay terminal?

An EventPay terminal allows businesses, charities and traders to take Credit and Debit card payments on a short-term basis at indoor or outdoor locations away from the business’s fixed trading address and without the need for a merchant account. 

EventPay terminals let you take payments in the form of Credit and Direct Debit transactions using a variety of connection methods, either wi-fi or mobile data. Depending on the venue, RSM 2000 can provide terminals pre-configured for the venue’s wi-fi, wi-fi routers to connect to a hard-wired internet connection or wi-fi routers that use a mobile data signal. We can even provide a satellite-based system for larger events.

An EventPay terminal is a temporary solution to your card payment needs. Simply hire the devices for the duration of your chosen event and return it when you’re finished.

Who can use an EventPay terminal?

An EventPay terminal is perfect for any business, charity or trader wanting to accept card payments at events away from their usual locations; such as festivals, pop-up stalls, auctions and trade shows, even if you don’t have a merchant account for accepting cards.

EventPay Services are an ideal short-term solution for anyone looking to add secure Credit and Direct Debit payment processing capabilities to their event.

All you need to do is enlist the services of RSM 2000 and we will process all Credit and Direct Debit payments on your behalf through our Master merchant account.

What are the benefits of the EventPay Service?

If you have been operating at events without the ability to take card payments in recent years, you may have found yourself losing out on custom as people carry cash less and less frequently.

With the use of an EventPay terminal, you’ll be able to accept payments from all customers as easily as if you were in a fixed trading location.

When you enlist the services of RSM 2000 your business or charity will be able to take Credit and Debit card payments from your customers using the most suitable communications channel for your particular venue.

Funds are held in a secure, safeguarded trust account and will usually be paid into your chosen bank within a week of the event. Which means you can trade at your event in confidence, knowing your payments are being securely handled.

If you are the organiser of a larger, multi-trader event, using the EventPay service from RSM 2000, you could benefit from the option to have members of our staff attend your event.

RSM 2000 staff will deliver your terminals by hand and ensure that all traders and members of staff using the terminals are familiar with the process and ready to begin processing card payments as soon as your event begins.

Wherever your event is based, your business or charity could benefit from the use of a simple to operate EventPay Service.

To find out more about EventPay Services from RSM 2000, see our website. Or, if you’re ready to begin using an RSM 2000 EventPay Service at your next event, contact us to see how we can help you.

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