3 steps to setting up a charity donation by text service

Developments in technology have made it easier than ever for charities of any size to receive donations electronically.

A charity donation text service is a simple and secure mobile payment system that allows donors to contribute to your charitable organisation with the ease of sending a text.

Having the ability to receive donations by text is useful for any charity seeking monetary donations as we increasingly move towards a cashless society where people may not have physical money on them to donate.

Whether you’re planning a one-off push for donations to reach a certain funding target, or you want to encourage recurring monthly donations, a donation by text service can help your charity to reach its fundraising goals quickly,cheaply and simply. But, how do you go about setting up a charity donation by text service?

1. Plan your campaign

For any charity considering setting up an SMS fundraising campaign, planning is key. You need to set realistic, measurable goals and parameters for your campaign.

Brainstorming with your team can be a good way to kickstart your charity’s venture into accepting mobile donations.

Text donation has been thought of as a low value ask, but in recent TV appeals the case for larger value text donations up to £30 has been successfully made.

Donors respond by text message for similar reasons to other methods of fundraising, because the fundraiser’s ‘ask’ creates an emotional urge to respond that the donor needs to satisfy. The difference with text is that the impulse and response is quick and urgent. Make the appeal about how much the donor will achieve, not how little it costs.

Try asking questions such as; What does our charity do that creates the impulse to give that’s urgent and emotional? or How do we express it as clearly and simply as possible? or What benefits can a text donation service bring you and your supporters? and, What goals do you have in mind for this campaign?

2. Use a trusted mobile payment system

Using digital services for payments, while convenient, can make some users nervous. From your perspective as a charity in receipt of donations, you want to ensure that the money people donate actually makes it to your charity.

Finding a reliable, trustworthy system through which to complete your charity donations by text is vital to ensuring your text donation campaign is a success.

We can provide you with the tools and insights to help you to build a donor journey through a series of multi channel interactions and responses that will build a one off impulse into a donor relationship.

RSM 2000 offers the Vir2 text payment system, providing your charity with the potential to receive 100% of the text donation through a complete, secure solution for all your charity text donation needs. Find out more about text donations with RSM 2000 and the Vir2 system here.

3. Promote your campaign!

Just like any other charity campaign, for your charity donation by text campaign to be a success you need to get the word out there and encourage people to donate.

Whether you’re a nationwide charitable organisation or a smaller regional operation, your charity’s use of a mobile payment system will only work if people know they can donate to you by text.

You will know your donor base and about how to contact and trigger initial donations, but you need to think about how you can make that initial donation into a first step to engage and build a donor relationship.

RSM 2000 can help you to find the “how”. So what is it that you want to say, and to whom?

For any and all questions about mobile payment systems and setting up a charity donation by text service, RSM 2000 are on hand to help you reach your charity’s mobile donation goals.

Get in touch with us to find out more.

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