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Bletchley Park Friends

Bletchley Park Friends

Promoting Regular Giving

The Bletchley Park Trust is a registered charity, its Mission is to preserve and develop Bletchley Park as a world-class museum, heritage site and education centre in order to enhance the understanding of the critical contribution of Codebreaking and intelligence in World War Two, the birth of computing and electronic security, and how these unique achievements remain relevant today.

"Bletchley Park Trust entered into a partnership with RSM2000 in April 2013 - we say a partnership as, from the beginning, it’s been about the people on both sides coming together to make a project happen at Bletchley Park - the relaunch of a Friends membership scheme.

Bletchley Park uses the Facilities Managed Direct Debit Service taking payments on a monthly basis.

Allowing donors to pay by direct debit is easy and there has been a huge take up with 60% of Bletchley Park Friends now using the scheme.  It is simple for the donor, allows flexibility and promotes regular giving.   Bletchley Park’s Friends scheme is growing and raising much needed income for the restoration of the historic wartime site (see and we’ll be adding to the work we do with RSM2000 by using direct debits to promote new memberships and regular appeals in the coming years. - Claire Glazebrook, Director of Development, Bletchley Park Trust."

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